Footwear chain WESHOES, which has 70 branches around the country, is launching the summer 2022 collection with trendy and summery innovations. Here are some highlights from the newest collection for women, men, and children:

Playa Santa – a new brand that came straight from the shores of Spain as leather flip-flops.

Crocs – the beloved brand continues this season to innovate and surprise with the launch of sandals and flip-flops in new and surprising silhouettes. Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and many more around the world show us that Crocs is the next thing this summer.

Lemon Jelly – the fun Spanish brand that is coming to Israel for the first time. 100% vegan colorful and perfect for any look.

Moses – a native brand that is precisely adapted to the Israeli climate and landscape. The collection of Moses flip-flops, which combines style and comfort, presents the hottest trends from the country and around the world. A variety of dozens of colors characterized by bold summer colors, pastel shades, and special prints.

Seventy-nine – weshoes’s private label brand, continues to surprise and innovate this season as well.
following the trend of the previous season, you will find fashionable shoes for women, in a wide range of styles and trends, to upgrade any look without compromising on comfort.

Natural world – a 100% eco-brand, made from recycled materials out of concern for the environment. Especially these days, with the discussion about global warming and recycling is very relevant and attractive. The brand presents two main silhouettes and about ten different and leading colors for this coming summer. The shoes are vegan and have received the VEGAN-FRIENDLY badge.

Magma + Candy – children’s shoes with festive and everyday designs. This season there are sandals made with a unique technology that provides maximum comfort where the little ones can walk freely and in style. Prominent colors: pastel, pink and metallic shades.

Available at the WESHOES chain of stores and the online website www.weshoes.co.il

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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