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Oobah Butler is a freelance writer who contributes to different publications such as Vice, The Guardian and more. In recent years, Butler has developed a particular obsession with knock off designer clothing sold at flea markets. While fueling his obsession, Butler came across one brand that especially caught his eye. The brand is called Georgio Peviani which sells knock off versions of Giorgio Armani denim. Butler took a special interest in Georgio Peviani because he was fascinated by the way the brand blatantly failed to be an accurate knock off but still maintained a large customer base. In his Vice video, he points out the apparent difference in the name of the brand as well as the logo which by most standards would entail a pretty bad knock off product; however, people were still buying Georgio Peviani jeans. As Butler put it, “Georgio Peviani is doing everything a successful fashion designer needs to do, apart from existing.” Butler was determined to help Georgio Peviani reach his full potential so as any logical person would he decided to “become him”, take the brand to the next level, and go to Paris Fashion Week.

I Faked My Way to the Top of Paris Fashion Week

After fooling the world with his fake 'Shed' restaurant, Oobah is back with another plan — to infiltrate Paris Fashion Week.Georgio Peviani took the fashionistas by storm, partying with A-Listers and selling his denim to Milan's most exclusive buyers. But the man doesn't actually exist… does he?

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Video courtesy of VICE

Butler began the branding process by first making a website (www.georgiopeviani.com) to put the brand out there and give it the opportunity to gain a following. He then created business cards to help him begin the networking process with buyers and designers. Finally, he went back to the Georgio Peviani station at the Brixton flea market, bought a stack of jeans, and got on a plane to Paris. Once in Paris, Butler needed to get an entrance card to Paris Fashion week. He explains how he arrived at the center where all the designers were signing in, slapped down the business card on one of tables, acted casual, and five minutes later a proctor came back and handed him an entrance card – no questions asked.

Following suit, Butler walked into fashion week were he introduced himself as Georgio Peviani the designer and got himself invited to a night with a group of Italian designers. At the gathering, he met a menswear model who he coaxed into trying on a red pair of Georgio Peviani jeans. Within two minutes the model was standing in front of Butler praising the jeans for their “populist” design. From there, Butler met a buyer who agreed to sell Georgio Peviani Jeans in Milan.

Not only was the Georgio Peviani brand a complete hit, Peviani the designer was immediately welcomed to fashion weeks exclusive social circles filled with famous designers, models, and bloggers alike. Butler, found himself getting invited to A-list parties that people could only dream of getting into and somehow, using the name of a designer who did not exist, he made it to the big leagues. Just like that, the Georgio Peviani brand had gone from counterfeit to couture.

Butler was thrilled that he was able to bring the brand up to its full potential but there was still a major unanswered question; Who is the real Georgio Peviani? He proceeded to google the name and after scrolling through a few pages he found an address in London that looked promising. The address led him to a small shop called “Denim World.” It turns out the real Georgio Peviani is a man named Adam Asmal who is actually the owner of the brand. Mr. Asmal was very pleased that Butler had taken it upon himself to see out the brands potential and he felt glad that somebody took an interest in it. Butler surprised Mr. Asmal by bringing him a professionally shot lookbook of the Georgio Peviani brand which he received with gratitude. Oobah Butlers story is so unique because it uncovers the way that almost anyone can con(Art) their way to the top.

Photos courtesy of www.georgiopeviani.com

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