Nona Chalant
Ronny Chokron/Nona Chalant has become a synonym for “Fashion Explorer and Artist” in the Tel Aviv scene. Nona combines his unique point of view on art and fashion; he loves collaborating with creative minds to produce art that is unique and visionary. His work was most recently featured in Vogue Italy and received international acclamation. Chalant believes that pushing boundaries and the limits of gender and color enables artists to create entirely new artistic and meaningful concepts. The House of Nona, lead entirely by Chalant, combines these passions with performance. He is also currently working on an underground electro album and an alternative fashion show, inspired by local comic artist, that will be set in Tel Aviv’s City Hall. Nona is very nonchalant, allowing his for his patience to watch Con Art Magazine grow. Through a strong bond with Sharon after collaborating with photographer, Mark, Nona began writing for the magazine, bringing his own personal aesthetics to the platform. His work was first displayed and featured as Nona in Con Art’s initial pre-launch event. To Nona, Con Art represents the illusion artist. Every look that one makes is an illusion. Starting as a con artist, one transforms with the ability to express oneself with fashion, makeup, and styling, creating the very own version of oneself. Pulling away from the conventional drag scene, Nona sees that people are more eclectic now, as fashion is coming out with more variety and inspiration with access all over thanks to the internet. As Con Arts serves right, everything is so easily accessible at one’s fingertips. The world is becoming more colorful. Tel Aviv is a great platform for a variety of different people and personalities, which is exactly what Con Art stands for. And while people look up to Nona, Nona can promote this ever expressive platform.

Piece of mind

My phone interview with Ronny took place on a Saturday afternoon. I knew that Ronny is Nona and Nona is Ronny but who was I

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