The Parisian eyewear brand IZIPIZI has conquered the world thanks to young, trendy, and colorful designs of reading glasses and sunglasses. IZIPIZI offers 4 main categories of glasses:

  1. Reading glasses for adults with reading lenses 1.0+, 1.5+, 2.0+, 2.5+, 3.0+
  2. Sunglasses for adults, children and babies.
  3. Sports goggles made for skiing, mountaineering and soon also cycling.
  4. Screen glasses designed to reduce the damage caused to the eye by the emission of blue light radiation from computer screens, phones and laptops and tablets.

The brand was founded in 2010 under the name SEE CONCEPT by 3 childhood friends who sought to find a solution for their parents who needed accessible and available eyeglasses everywhere. The design of the glasses, the quality along with the attractive price have made the brand popular all over the world. In 2017 the brand changed its name to IZIPIZI PARIS.

The glasses are sold in 90 countries in the world in a variety of leading fashion, lifestyle, and art stores such as – Merci, Harrods, MoMa, Bon Marche, Selfridges, Bloomingdale’s and more.

All the fixed designs in each category are classified by letters – for example, model #A, #B, #C and so on, so anyone who likes a particular frame can easily order additional frames (sun or reading), without measuring again, and know that it is exactly the same frame. The frames are made of polycarbonate (sunglasses lenses are 100% UV PROTECTION with filter category number 3)

Price ranges:

Reading glasses – 170 NIS

Sunglasses – 195 NIS

Sunglasses for children – 170 NIS

Sunglasses for babies – 145 NIS

Screen glasses – 195 NIS

Sports glasses – 355-255 NIS

Available on the importer’s website: www.sette.co.il And in about 60 points of sale throughout the country.

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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