Talia Haviv
Associate Producer

Luca Manini

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George Redhawk

One would never know that the man behind the hypnotizing gifs is blind. But after the talented doctor lost his vision while teaching medicine, George

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Dan Lam

Through squishes, drips, and blobs, Texas artist, Dan Lam is full of expression in her bold and vivid sculptures. When Dan Lam graduated from college,

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Blake Kathryn

Versatile, visual designer, Blake Kathryn expresses her creative works through pop art and surrealism. Her creations are expressed with vivid colors and positive vibes through

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Aaron White
Music Editor LA
Alex Saada
Production Assistant
Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
Josef Brock
Contributing Writer
Lucy Attal
Mark Goldenberg
Fashion consultant
Mark Sacro
Director of Photography LA
Michelle Muller
Director of Communication
Molly Silverberg
Graphic Artist
Nicole Brosky
Production Assistant
Peter Perceval
Brand Manager
Roy Schweiger
Director of Photography NY
Sarina Rofe
Production Assistant
Shahar Sarig
Writer at Large TLV
Sharon Esther
Creative Director
Talia Haviv
Associate Producer
Talia Zoref
Yaki Dolf

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