Josef Brock
Contributing Writer
Josef Brock Fashion has always been about moving forward. Moving forward is changing the status quo and in its essence a rebellious act. Well here's something rebellious. In a tumultuous political era, with global warming and war at our doorsteps, it’s important to consider what kind of future we can have as well as what's necessary to bring with us to that future and conversely what is not. The truth is, fashion does not actually matter for human survival. Brock believes that it takes a con artist to say that. Because ultimately Con Art is about truth. Con Art is selling a magazine that smells, looks and feels like a fashion magazine but is actually a tool to deliver some #realtalk. Con art is telling the story of countless sheep wasting billions of dollars on fashion while exhausting the earth’s resources. Ultimately, we will outgrow the current trend of designer worshiping and wastefulness. But what comes after that? Where do we go from there? That's what we are here to figure out.


Aaron White
Music Editor LA
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Josef Brock
Contributing Writer
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