Hexagon Artist

Kumiko Mametsuka– better known as Hexagon Artist, is a Japan born and based artist who is strongly drawn to hexagons. Her art is inspired by her upbringing in her family’s fruit shop. Being surrounded by the vibrant colors inspired her to be creative, and to always incorporate bright colors into her work.

In Kumiko’s eyes, hexagons have a proven superiority. She cites their natural abundance and importance in nature as a core reason for her use of hexagons. They are found in DNA and RNA bases, snow crystals, water molecules, the eyes of a dragonfly, granules on the sun’s photospheres, and the vortex at Saturn’s north pole. 

Not only does she feature hexagons, but her kaleidoscope shaped art also features a strong motif of numerical figures. Kumiko says; ”The invention of numerals blessed us with the tool of symbols and a foundation for logical thinking”.

Kumiko’s creative process is as unique as her inspirations. She allows herself to be inspired by hexagons and receive guidance from them. In that way, her work takes on a life of its own. Her body goes into autopilot when she’s creating, and her color schemes are created by her unconscious mind. In that vein, her most recent project is an eyewear line called “Third Eye”. She makes glasses and sunglasses printed with her hexagonal designs, which represent a physical (and fashionable) embodiment of the third eye.

Written by Maya Danzig

Illustrations by Sharon Esther

Sharon Esther
Creative Director
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