Mark Sacro
Director of Photography LA
Professional fashion, lifestyle and commercial photographer and director, Mark Sacro is Con Art’s leading man in photography, based out of Long Beach, California. Our Los Angeles branch is driven by Mark’s bold and creative vision. In the midst of his work in the US, Mark took a mission trip to Haiti to film a small documentary, one of his biggest achievements in the past year. He now continues to work and collaborate with Sharon, reminiscing about the times she produced shoots for him, years ago back in Los Angeles. Mark is most proud of his ability to work and still live life according to his own terms. Not only does he love what he does, but he is also able to provide to others. This is a challenging but rewarding balancing act. His mentality is very similar to that of Con Art’s focusing on making the publications blaze their own trail while creating beauty.


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Music Editor LA
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Production Assistant
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Mark Sacro
Director of Photography LA
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