The arrival of LACOSTE

The iconic French brand LACOSTE is opening new stores in the Ramat Aviv Mall and the Golden Mall (“Hazahav”) with its summer collections for women, men, and children. Also available at the Factory 54 stores and website.

Lacoste has a rich heritage that began on the tennis courts, and has become sought after and loved thanks to its clean, classic, and timeless look.

The brand was founded by René Lacoste, a legendary French tennis player who won numerous world championships in the 1920s. At one point, Lacoste decided that the long buttoned shirts he used to wear to tennis games were not comfortable enough and not suitable for the game. He decided to design himself an innovative and short shirt made of pleasant and light cotton that would give him a wider range of motion and necessary airiness. He replaced the tailored buttons with a collar with only three buttons, what we now know as a “polo collar”.

Today the Lacoste brand is sold in over one hundred countries. The brand’s popularity continues to grow thanks to maintaining the original and familiar design character, and thanks to the brand’s strong connection to the world of sports and being sponsors of successful athletes around the world. In addition, the brand presents a new collection every season on the runways of Paris Fashion Week.

The new collection includes the famous polo shirts that come in a variety of colors in a pleasant and elegant palette. Next to them are polo-cut dresses that are expected to become the refreshing hit of the summer. The sneaker category is particularly prominent, with a supply of classic-looking white shoes with refined branding. The crocodile logo is expressed in different versions in a variety of other items and gives a chic and luxurious touch.

Along with maintaining the brand’s heritage and design tradition, the brand provides sponsorships to leading tennis and golf players and to major international sporting events such as the French Tennis Championship – Roland Garros.

Price range:
Accessories: 119-429 NIS
Clothing: 129-1190 NIS
The collection will be sold at the Ramat Aviv Mall and the Golden Mall, in stores, and at the Factory 54 website:

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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