Ivonne Dippmann
Inspired by her grandfather at a young age, Ivonne Dippmann found her niche for drawing. Drawing for Ivonne has now turned into her career. Intricate artist and designer, born in Karl-Marx Stadt, now splits her time between Berlin and Tel Aviv. After discovering her true talent as a kid, Ivonne began traveling the world, which broadened her artistic influence and made her feel more free and independent as a woman. Her talent is shown in numerous showcases around the world. She turns her drawings into real life, avant-garde, wearable fashion through bold colors, unconventional materials, and her creative imagination. Ivonne feels a strong connection to Con Art through the mutual desire to connect artistic talents from around the world. To Ivonne, Con Art represents the idea of collaboration, and exploring creation through those who “challenge, inspire, and give” back to others. Being an artist and working with other artists is a perfect match for Ivonne’s visionary lifestyle. Right now Ivonne is working on an artist book, “LOVESONG TEL AVIV CHEMNITZ,” which is a homage between two cities and the people who make them unique. #LIEBESLIEDTLVC


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#ESCAPES ReimersdahlDippmann

ESCAPES – the disappearance from landscape A collaborative project between Andrea van Reimersdahl & Ivonne Dippmann between Berlin and Tel Aviv ESCAPES evolved out of

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