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Most of us fashion lovers know that the Mugler fashion house was founded in the 1970s by French fashion designer Thierry Mugler, who drew inspiration from the worlds of ballet, architecture, art and photography. The first ready-to-wear collection was introduced in 1973 under the name “Café De Paris”, and after that, in 1974, the designer officially launched the brand that bears his name “Thierry Mugler”.

Mugler left the fashion house in 2002 and began designing costumes away from the public eye. After he left, the ready-to-wear line was closed due to financial difficulties, and the fashion house plunged into a period of some anonymity. The renewal of the brand’s fashion line took place in 2011, with the appointment of Nicola Formichetti as creative director, who reduced the brand name to “MUGLER” and thus began the brand’s second incarnation.

American designer Casey Cadwallader currently holds the coveted position. Under his leadership, Mugler’s world strives for self-expression and represents an advanced approach to fashion, while constantly exploring modern femininity and using traditional craft to create new and groundbreaking designs.

Mugler’s new collection, which landed at Factory 54, continues to celebrate the feminine cut in all its glory. Close-fitting and body-hugging silhouettes, geometric constructions, texture games and transparencies, and cut-out openings in strategic locations dictate the coveted design line. The brand’s sexy style used to rely mainly on the palette of dark and black shades, but now it is expanding to strong and bright colors like neon yellow, orange, green and even a shade of pink glowing in the dark. Among the prominent items in the collection: sexy dresses and sexy leotards in unique cuts, bold leather items, tailored blazers with accentuated shoulders, jeans combined with textures and a variety of super flattering tights.

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Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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