The Winter Coat Journey:

Summer turned to winter without a single moment’s hesitation and we have found ourselves in immediate – and desperate need of a coat. But, with so many colors and styles to choose from, winter coat shopping may seem totally daunting when it should be fun! Never fear – from dusters to anoraks (and everything in between), we bring you the ultimate winter coat guide.

However, winter coats don’t come cheap, which is why when you buy one, it needs to be something you’ll want to wear nearly every day for the next five months (well, you know, in Israel it’s probably less than three months). That means it’s got to be cool-looking and also right for the climate you live in. One man’s perfect pea coat is another man’s brush with hypothermia, as they say. Luckily for you, there’s an embarrassment of riches this season. From performance parkas and wool topcoats to lined leather jackets, there’s a standout option for every state you’re in.

Here are 4 Tips On Choosing The Right Coat For You:

  1. Choose a coat colour that is complementary to your complexion. Colour has a potency when it comes to visual communication and the right shade will make all the difference.
  1. Find a coat shape that applauds your body shape & frame. There’s no point fighting against your figure.
  1. Aim for a neutral coat colour that works well with your wardrobe. It’s all very well having a scarlet coat but does it fit with the rest of your clothes or seasonal capsule wardrobe?
  1. Decide on a coat length that benefits your lifestyle. If your lifestyle typically includes frequent commuting or business travelling, you want to shrug into your coat quickly and easily.

Here are our picks – to be found anywhere from Factory54, Twentyfourseven, Zara, Renuar, Bershka, Crazy Line, Golf, and many others:

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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