The popular American brand, Tommy Hilfiger, continues to be true to itself and the design line associated with it, launching a new collection that maintains the timeless look associated with this designer. The collection consists of items that can match the leisure hours at home to items like the printed silk dresses that give us back the feeling of NIGHT OUT. Alongside them, all the classic items are returning this season, combined with refreshing innovations and interesting capsule collections.

Under the slogan “Moving Forward Together”, the iconic designer presents a collection for spring-summer 2021 that looks ahead. In recent seasons, the brand was committed to the theme of sustainability, by expanding the items produced from recycled materials in an ecological process with innovative techniques. One of Tommy Hilfiger’s ambitions this season and in the coming seasons is to strengthen the values ​​of sustainability in the fashion house. Over 70% of the collection’s items are made from recycled materials and manufactured using environmentally friendly techniques that dramatically reduce air pollution.

Along with the green agenda, the brand places special emphasis on the issue of diversity, an area in which Tommy Hilfiger is considered a pioneer as the first designer to put a spotlight on struggles such as equal rights for the black community in the US, the transgender community and more. After the collab with Luis Hamilton and the esteemed actress and singer Zandaya, the campaign is now led by activists like Indya Moore who strive for a society that believes in “Wastes Nothing And Welcome All”. Indya starred in Ryan Murphy’s sensational series POSE, appeared in Vogue magazine, and today is one of the most prominent transgender models.

The new summer collection is inspired by the beaches, climate, architecture, extensive tourism, and vibrant culture of the city of Miami. The happy and colorful atmosphere of freedom is expressed in a variety of pastel colors that are the main story in the collection. Fashion house Tommy Hilfiger concludes like everyone else a surprising and complex year but seeks to look ahead and celebrate spring. The colors associated with the brand – red, blue, and white of the US flag – move aside and turn the stage in favor of shades of light blue, baby pink, and mint green.

Price range:
Clothing: 99-2649 NIS
Swimwear: 199-499 NIS
Shoes: 139-749 NIS
Accessories: 89-2249 NIS
The collection will be sold in the brand’s flagship stores – and the Factory 54 website:

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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