Iconic American brand Calvin Klein collaborates with – Heron Preston In a minimalist, precise, and highly coveted collection. Minimalism, sensuality, youth, and freedom have always been at the heart of Calvin Klein’s values. The coveted collaboration between Ron Preston and the American brand embodies these ideals in a new collection defined by restrained and precise items.

Ron Preston, the owner of the fashion brand that bears his name, has functioned in recent years as a designer, artist, and DJ, and has become a kind of icon in the street-style scene of downtown New York. He knows how to add a personal, bold, and edgy touch to key items in the men’s wardrobe, with an emphasis on t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as in the accessories genre, including hats, belts, and pouch bags.

Jacob Jordan, Calvin Klein’s head of global commerce, explains the collaboration: “Working with Heron was such a perfect place to start. He sits at the crossroads of culture and connects different fields. His modern way of thinking and his approach to designing and sustaining, fit well with the Calvin brand”.

Through a shared vision, the American brand and the street designer have created a collection for real people. Preston says: “It’s beyond an ordinary collaboration. I call it Collaboration 2.0 because the work we did and the way we did it go beyond just designing and arranging items. We tried to redesign and develop a new business language, fully embracing and respecting Calvin Klein’s culture, experience, and history.”

The collection is used as a minimalist canvas for the study of creativity, the clothes come to life when they are worn by different people. This is a collection of essential but non-generic items that can be combined in any style. True to both Calvin Klein’s DNA and Preston’s personal approach to design, the collection addresses both sexes and chooses self-expression over gender. The collection includes basic items with a minimalist and precise design such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, lingerie and you can also find key items such as flattering leotards, dresses, denim jackets in several colors, and an accessories category that includes carrying bags and hats.

The campaign celebrates Calvin Klein’s raw, young spirit and world-renowned aesthetics. It is about capturing personality in natural moments and presenting the true experience of the garment. The campaign takes an organic approach and features a diverse cast of Preston’s close circle of friends and people who inspire him including brand presenter Kia Gerber, plus-size model Ashley Graham, rappers Nas, and Lil Uzi Vert as well as Preston himself.

Price range: 159 NIS – 1290 NIS

The collection will be sold in the CK flagship store in Ramat Aviv mall, Factory 54 in TLV mall (the men’s store), and on the Factory54.co.il website

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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