Shenkar College Graduate Fashion Show 2021

“Definitely off the beaten path and with a distinct point of view, this well-kept secret (Shenkar College) has an amazing — and incredibly affordable — fashion design program,” Fashionista said about Shenkar after it was ranked by the website as one of the world’s 25 best fashion schools in the world.

It seems that the annual graduate show of the fashion design department at Shenkar always manages to be a kind of tropical and exotic island in the sea of ​​commercial shows that Israeli fashionistas swim in the rest of the year: suddenly we land in a parallel universe, free from trends, dictates, and marketing considerations. Shenkar always reminds us what fashion is made of, first and foremost – creativity. It is always spectacular, refreshing, and happy, and this year looks set to receive another generation of smart and talented designers. Questions of reality versus delusion, the new era versus the old, identity and gender politics – these are issues that bother modern humans in a universal way (and perhaps that of Generation Y in particular) and it showed itself with the tendency for some boxy, puffy and bombastic silhouettes on the runway.

It was difficult to find any weak links in this impressive collection, and it is even more difficult to predict the future and diagnose the commercial potential of the various designers, but here are some that we particularly liked and have a feeling we will hear more about:

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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