RENUAR’s luxury sneakers for men

Renuar launches a special 2021 collection of luxury sneakers for men and offers new, high-quality designs that will upgrade any look with a “Street” style – fashionable and contemporary.

These are premium sneakers for men for the summer season, which will include about five different, high-quality, and carefully designed models. The sneaker collection is specially designed for men who are looking for comfort and, on the other hand, fashion that will complete their right look.

The sneakers have been carefully designed with interesting details, laces are stretched without the need for tying, and have been renewed with “MEMORY FOAM” insoles that study the foot and maintain stability and comfort. In the collection, you can find low and high sneakers, durable and high quality in black and white colors that are suitable for an everyday look and can upgrade the look even for the evening.

Prices range from 379.90 to 399.90
The new men’s shoe collection can be purchased in the RENUAR chain stores and the online website

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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