Irani Group and the sports fashion giant PUMA are launching a unique concept store in the “Ramat Aviv Mall”, and announcing the continuation of the collaboration with global brand ambassador Noa Kirel

The Puma brand is launching in Israel the first concept store of its kind in the Ramat Aviv mall and announces the continued cooperation pop sensation with Noa Kirel. The uniqueness of the new store is in a special and first-of-its-kind design that departs from the brand’s definitions.

The store is designed as a white space, decorated with an impressive work of graffiti showing the recognizable buildings of Tel Aviv that were drawn by an Israeli artist, a huge screen that serves as the main shoe wall of the store, and special design elements that give each collection its own world of content. The cost of building the store is about one million dollars.

The store – defined in the professional language PUMA SELECT – presents the highest fashion collections of the sports fashion giant and exclusive and special collaborations that come to Israel thanks to the special store.

As part of the opening of the concept store, the Irani group received special permission to import the brand’s most exclusive collections sold in only 80 stores worldwide – the CREAM line which presents progressive collections with top designers such as John Ambrose, and more.

Puma, the third largest sports brand in the world, returned to Israel in March 2021 led by the Irani Group. Since its return to Israel, the brand operates 3 flagship stores and presents impressive collaborations with Noa Kirel, the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team and the Israeli national soccer team. Puma Global executives from the USA and Germany came to the store launch event.

In addition, after the best year in her career, Noa Kirel and Puma announce the continuation of their collaboration.

Noa became the face of the brand among the young crowd and took part in a number of very prominent campaigns that reached the official platforms of Puma around the world. There is satisfaction and appreciation for working with Noa on the part of Puma Israel and the global brand, therefore on the recommendation of the Irani Group and the company headquarters in Israel, they decided to continue the collaboration for another year and the continuation of Noa’s work to promote the female flagship campaign of the SHE MOVES US brand and in addition, the Irani Group hints at big and interesting surprises In the connection between Noah and the brand later this year.

Noa is on a particularly impressive list of Puma brand ambassadors that includes Neymar, Jay-Z, NBA star Lamelo Ball, supermodel Winnie Harlow, and many others.

Price range:

Shoes: 399-2000 NIS

PRIME: NIS 99-799


SELECT: 200-6500 NIS

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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