White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine

Magenta Pixie is a medium and wellness expert. She serves as a channel for communication with a group of mystical beings– the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine. Through Magenta, the collective is able to communicate messages to our world. They encourage like-minded souls to come together to share their knowledge. According to the collective: “Science has the answers; spirituality and religion have the tools.” As a medium, Magenta is able to use her gift to guide people on the path toward ascension that the Nine has communicated to her.

We caught up with Magenta in an exclusive interview. Check out what she has to say about spirituality, self-worth, the healing power of colors, and more.

In your opinion, what are the two most crucial things humankind needs to know now more than ever?

The absolute most important thing for humankind to know, in my opinion, is the extent of their own power and abilities. We are led to believe, through societal ‘norms’ and mainstream media, that we are passive bystanders going along with the corporate machine because we must do so in order to survive. Yet the power is with the people, the family unit and the individual. Emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and also physically on a grass roots level, we are the ones who have the power to make dramatic change within ourselves, the wider community and thus the world.

The next most crucial thing to be aware of, which is absolutely connected to the first, is the fact that we are pure and total representations of Source (God) consciousness. We each incarnated here at this time with a mission or divine
purpose. Once we discover what that mission is and we begin to live it, then everything changes for us and for those we touch. This is how we discover our own innate power and mastery.

Based on your knowledge and teaching, what advice would you give people struggling with fear, anxiety, and self-worth?

I would suggest to them not to expect too much of themselves all at once. It is OK to have fears and anxieties and to feel a sense of low self-worth. There appears to be a belief in some spiritual communities that fear or anxiety is somehow wrong and that you have failed if you hold fear. This simply is not true. Yes, fears and anxieties can hold you back but they are also messages… letting you know that something is not right in your reality. Something is out of alignment. This allows you to look around and take stock of your current situation and the wider reality at large. I would say, put yourself into ‘self-care’ mode and be your own best friend. It is perfectly fine and, in many cases, crucial to cancel social events, take time off work (if you can) and attend to your needs. This is not being selfish, it is being self-caring and self-loving. You nurture yourself so that you can be strong enough to be there for others. So ‘step one’, with fear and anxiety, is to acknowledge that it is there and you are not failing because of it. The next step is to be in gratitude for the fact that you hold fears or have low self-worth, gratitude for the opportunity to understand and discover why you feel this way.

Give yourself permission to feel fearful without feeling guilty that you are doing something wrong or are ‘less than’.
Then you begin the analysis as to why the fears and anxieties are there. You work with them at your own pace. When you give yourself permission to have fears and you realize those fears are there to help you, so you move into gratitude for them. This in itself, in many cases, is enough to move through the fears and find your inner empowerment. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either, this is not a failure but a strength. It is OK to say, “I am not coping, I need some help.” There are a great many amazing healers out there who have discovered their mission… which is to help others! So ‘number one’, when you have fears, anxieties and low self-worth, realize this is happening for a reason and utilize it for your own self-discovery. Don’t let anyone tell you that it is wrong to feel this way and that you are somehow ‘unspiritual’ or less ‘enlightened’ because you hold fear. It is there for a reason.

What is one thing of great value that you would leave behind after your passing?

The first thing that comes to mind are my books. The information within these books is timeless, I feel. When you read them, the information is right for you then, at that time, regardless as to when they were written. I truly feel I have left a
legacy with the books and that they will sustain and hold life, independent from myself. I hope to have written many more before I leave this incarnation! So yes, my books.

If you could strip yourself from your story, your identity, your attachments, your belongings, and your accomplishments, who would you be? What do you believe is the essence of who you truly are?

Wow, a great question, maybe a tough one to answer. I guess I would be just an ordinary human living this physical life as best as I can, remembering I came here for a reason. Just little old me in a world of seven billion other souls. Yet also, when that identity is stripped down to just the bare bones of who I am, it takes me beyond the human aspect. I know I am then the creator, if you will, the cosmic intelligence behind and within all things. ‘Source’ or ‘God’ or whatever name you want to call it, to me it is pure love (creative energy) and light (knowledge and wisdom). So stripping the Earthly identity takes you into both extremes. You are one simple soul, yet you are simultaneously all things. Pure unity. I think you have to strip down the identity of self and the attachments in order to find this connection. Yet you start with the humility of being one soul amongst many so that when you move into the grandiose God-self perspective, you do it without ego. It simply is. When you do this, it’s just beautiful. Simplicity and complexity at the same time. The microcosm and the macrocosm.

One of the biggest mysteries of mankind is where we came from and for what purpose. What is your take on that question?

I think you could try to answer this question for multiple lifetimes and never really come close. There are so many ways to express this and really, it is beyond words. My attempt would be to say we have not really ‘come from’ anywhere. We have always existed. Yes, we can feel a connection with a particular place or country or even a planet but the truth is we have always existed. There is no beginning and no end to what/who we are. The purpose ultimately as to why we
are here is to attempt to answer the never-ending question. The question is, “Am I conscious?”

Consciousness itself, through its innate intelligence, wants to know itself. What is it? Who is it? Is it conscious? In order to discover the answer to this, we are here in incarnation living out the same journey ourselves. Everything we do, everything we experience and learn goes back, if you will, to pure Source consciousness. Yet does consciousness ever discover if it is conscious or not? Or what consciousness actually is? That is the never-ending question. This is the best way I can respond to your question as to where we came from and what our mission is.

What do you think happens when we die?

That depends on how we have lived. Some of us will retain our memories. Our consciousness ‘lives on’, if you will, with all the memories of who we were in our last incarnation. Then memories of previous incarnations come back to us. We are on the path of individualisation as a soul. We begin to become aware of multiple points of existence simultaneously. We hold the mind of a ‘group’ soul, if you will. Then we incarnate again if we feel we need to. The process is non-linear. We always hold a ‘piece of us’ or an aspect, back in the non-physical levels and only allow a certain part of our ‘memory complex’ or ‘soul’ to incarnate into the physical. Until we go through what is known as ‘ascension’ or ‘enlightenment’ and then we can draw down more of that higher soul memory complex aspect.
Yet there are those souls who do not retain their memories. It depends, as I said, on how you have lived. These souls will automatically come back into an incarnation without any ‘conscious choice’ from that expanded, individualised
perspective. They keep reincarnating until they have lived a life that is conscious enough to be able to retain their memories.

As a child, did you realize you had abilities that were different than others? What were they?

No, I thought all children were like me. It wasn’t until I was much older before I realised I was different. I was very empathic, I could sense other people’s feelings. I was clairvoyant and mediumistic. I could sense things before they happened and I was communicating with non-physical beings, mostly elemental. I had memories of being able to move things with my mind and was frustrated I could not do that anymore. I sensed entities and magical beings everywhere and I was always consciously looking for them. I knew there were beings on other planets and was
surprised to discover that most people on this planet did not know about them, including the scientists. I was quite lonely at times because I knew I had been separated from my true cosmic family. I honestly feel that the fantasy fiction
children’s stories by Enid Blyton saved my sanity. To me, her worlds were real.

As I said, I thought everyone was like me. It was around age eleven when my father, who was by that time a qualified
hypnotherapist, took me into hypnosis and taught me self-hypnosis. Through his teachings, I realized I was different from other children. I had a very strong sense of searching for my tribe. I knew I was supposed to connect with a large group of other individuals who were just like me but I did not know where to look. This longing for my tribe started around age seven to eleven. I thought I had found some of my people when I joined the local drama group, aged nine. They were all different from other people too. I had actually found some of them. Many starseeds are attracted to the theatre and the arts from a young age and have incarnated into families where those opportunities for creative expression through the arts is presented to them.

What are your favorite colors? Do you use colors for healing purposes and if so, how do you use them?

As a child, my favourite colour was always pink. All shades of pink. Now as an adult, I have a hard time choosing between purple or turquoise as my favourites. I also love green, yellow, orange and blue. Yes, I do use colour for healing but it is in a mediumistic, clairvoyant way. The colours themselves are alive and hold consciousness, yet also there is a representation of each colour that presents as a being. Many may refer to these beings as ‘ascended masters’. So I see the colours as a ray but also as an intelligent and loving being attached to that colour ray. There are also colour orbs and dragons that identify with the colour rays. I work with all these colour intelligences but it is more for communication rather than healing.

When I work with the colour rays for healing, this usually takes the form of elemental beings (fairies) visiting me with large blankets of colour. They weave the colour and other frequencies into my being. I also use stargate (portal) healing, which is the drawing down of frequency rays from the stargate or the rising up of the astral body/dream body into the stargate. These stargates hold different colour rays and frequencies.

What is the passion that lights your inner flame (the reason why you do what you do)?

Connecting or channelling the unconditionally loving intelligences is so rewarding on so many levels, that just that act is passion enough. Yet in truth, it is the fulfilment of the mission that means everything to me. It is the reason I am here
and I hold that mission as priority in everything I do. That doesn’t mean working 24/7 though, for self-care is part of that mission too! That mission/passion is humanity and Earth. Doing all I can to assist Earth to raise her vibration into
ascension and helping as many humans as possible to go with the Earth into this higher vibrational process.

What is your motivation?

My motivation and passion are one and the same. Even if I move away from this for a few days (or weeks) for whatever reason, I always come back to the core mission/passion. Standing in sovereignty, truth and solidarity with my extensive,
awakened tribe across this Earth to achieve truth and liberty for the human race. It is a tough challenge right now but one I have absolutely no doubt that we shall achieve… together.

United humanity is a key to achieving this freedom into ascension. A great many souls share this same mission. Achieving this is an inevitability so from the higher/future perspective, it has already happened. Seeing that timeline manifest is my motivation and living the experience of that is the mission and the passion. We are right at the crux of this now and I am excited to witness this huge quantum leap we are taking and to experience this as a manifested reality on Earth. Some call this the ‘golden age’ and I think that is a very fitting way to explain it. Going back to your question on color healing, the color of gold holds the emotion of bliss. That is the emotion we all hold within as we watch the Earth ascension blossom and see the transformation into this golden age that is taking place, individually, globally, and cosmically.

Written by Maya Danzig

Illustration by Sharon Esther

Sharon Esther
Creative Director
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