PETIT BATEAU pajama party for Factory 54

The fine and chic children’s brand launches the world of pajamas, which includes iconic designs alongside new designs presenting a sweet and naive French chic. The items were created from soft, pleasant, and high-quality fabrics, and were designed with care for easy and comfortable wearing while keeping the body warm – everything that is necessary for our little ones

In the first months of the baby’s life, the pajamas are not just a garment for sleeping that you wear at night and change in the morning. Beyond the fact that babies sleep a lot throughout the day, many parents find a lot of sense in a wardrobe that mostly consists of sets, bodysuits, and overalls that provide good protection in keeping the body warm, alongside maximizing the ranges of movement that are important for the normal development of the baby.

As parents, we would like to stock up on items that meet our requirements, because baby and toddler clothes are something that is passed on – to other siblings in the family, to cousins, to friends, and to anyone who awakens the chakras of giving in us.

When talking about children’s clothing, there are many elements that are important to pay attention to, and this explains the popularity and appreciation that PETIT BATEAU has received. The French brand is known for its thoughtful design that includes care for easy and comfortable wear, withstands washing around the clock, and a naive French chic that accurately embodies what is most useful and necessary for our little ones. It’s not just that mothers around the world are addicted to the brand’s items, starting from the bodysuits and overalls with the exquisite seams that are barely felt in contact with the body, to the knitwear and the caressing putters.

The Pajama World of Patti Bateau celebrates beautiful naive illustrations in a subtle palette of tones. Whether these are prints of nature and animals, hearts, stars, stripes, flowers, bicycles or sweet inscriptions in French – each item in the collection is a piece in itself.

You can find a selection of sets consisting of pants and a shirt, as well as soft overalls in cuts that allow safe buttoning. The pajamas are designed in silhouettes that are close to the body for reasons of safety, ability to move and maintaining body heat, so they are also used as a base layer under other clothes such as a coat, a warming knit, a sweatshirt, pants and even a dress. All the designs are made of pleasant, high-quality and of course natural textiles, with an emphasis on 100% cotton.

price range:

Accessories NIS 39-299

Women’s clothing NIS 89-990

Baby and children’s clothing 59-619 NIS

A wide selection of pajama models is now on SALE At discounted rates of up to 50%

Available In Ramat Aviv Mall, TLV Mall and Mamilla Boulevard Jerusalem, and on Factory 54’s website.

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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