“The Magic of the Deep”

A solo exhibition of the late artist Yitzhak (Itzik) Peterburg

Curators of the exhibition: Shaika Eitan and Michali Adler

Art consultant: Dr. Galia Duchin Arieli

The exhibition will be held at the Tribal Art & Israeli Art Gallery in Tel Aviv

13 Merkaz Baaley Hamelacha Tel Aviv

Grand opening: Friday 9/12/2022 at 12:00 PM

We float effortlessly under the surface of the water, the waves gently cradle us, our eyes are wide open, our limbs are relaxed and our slow breathing is coordinated with our calm heart rate. Everything around almost stops and we slowly gather into ourselves and apart from the echo of the heartbeat we hear nothing.

As if in our sleep, we inhale the air slowly through the mouth and it flows down the throat, filling our lungs and behold, the journey will begin in a second. Our heart rate decreases and serenity spread through our limbs. We are entering a new, unfamiliar world, we are guests who are invited to join and experience another, unfamiliar, colorful, strange, surprising, intriguing, unknown world.

With a sensitive eye and endless curiosity, in a unique and careful series of photographs, Yitzhak Peterburg takes us to magical and unknown regions, to the fascinating world under the water.

Yitzhak says: “I took my first scuba dive at the age of 61. Until then, I held senior positions as CEO of Clalit Health Services, CEO of Cellcom and Teva’s special R&D manager.

At the age of 61 I went on my first and only ‘post army vacation’, during which I was exposed to the beauty of corals while snorkeling in East Asia. Although I’m not crazy about the sea (can you believe me?) I thought it would be nice to dive. And since then in the next three years, I made almost 350 dives all around the world. Then I returned to senior positions as the chairman of Teva and later as a senior consultant to a leading Chinese company.

Diving added new dimensions to my life. I love the third world and trips and suddenly there is also such a beautiful world of coral gardens, fish of all sizes and colors, manta rays, octopuses, snakes and sea turtles. I learned that I definitely prefer the sharks in the sea to those in the business world. Along the way I found my other self. Competitive but not at any price. Knowing how to stop and appreciate beauty and not just conquer. Working in a team and thinking about others, spending more time with myself, many hours alone. Refining what is important in life and what is less, and constantly taking pictures and documenting – from the first dive. And with my whole soul.

And now when I look back over 10 years and 501 dives since my first dive I invite you to join me on the fascinating journey.”

Tribal Art & Israeli Art Gallery

Ending: 07/01/2023

Exhibition Visiting Hours:

Tuesday-Thursday 11:00-18:00

Friday-Saturday 10:00-14:00

Tel: 055-923-0022

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
Sharon Esther
Creative Director
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