MARINE SERRE lands in Factory 54

The French brand MARINE SERRE lands for the first time in Factory 54, and will be sold in Ramat Aviv and on the FACTORY54.CO.IL website

Designer MARINE SERRE has been hailed as the promising voice of the fashion industry, thanks to an eco-brand that bears her name, combining sporty motifs with futuristic-style elements and a repetitive moon print. Beyoncé, Kendall, and Kylie have already fallen in love

MARINE SERRE won the Young Designer Award from LVMH, and was the youngest designer to do so to date, thanks to the final collection she created. The collection called “Radical Call for Love”, combined elements from the Arab culture of the 19th century with prominent motifs from the sportswear trend of the 90s and the first decade of the millennium.

The result created a futuristic fashion statement, and she was marked as a promising voice in the fashion industry. The appreciation she received also came thanks to the strict adherence to the issue of sustainability in the production processes, along with the constant exploration of environmental issues and ideas dealing with the future of the planet. MARINE SERRE’s name also refers to fabric developments in innovative technologies, alongside the use of recycled fabrics and old sheets.

SERRE’s new collection, which is now landing at Factory 54, includes a variety of items in the elastic textile and the crescent-shaped sculpt, in combinations of different shades of brown, cream, black, light pink and red. From boots, through gloves and head masks, to tight pants and flattering golf shirts. Those looking for a less dominant interpretation of the story can fall in love with the sleek black and white t-shirts that feature a single, delicate moon pattern, as well as a black maxi dress and other stunning denim designs in black with a tone-on-tone print.

Marine Serre’s brand items will be sold on the FACTORY54.CO.IL website and in the women’s store in the Ramat Aviv mall.

Price range: 690-5,490 NIS

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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