AXEL ARIGATO lands in Factory 54

For years, trend forecasters have been talking about the normcore trend, a minimalist fashion that moves away from visual uniqueness and advocates clean and comfortable design – pose-less clothes that give each one’s unique personality to shine and be at the center, providing freedom to concentrate more on content and less on the cover. Global processes that have taken place in recent years – such as the climate crisis or the global Corona epidemic – have completed the normcore story into a reasoned statement with meaning.

Understanding the importance of sustainability, along with the search for quality basic items with a new design twist, has given fertile ground to fashion brands that have engraved on their banner an investment in preserving the environment and producing designs with a long shelf life. One of the most prominent and coveted in the field is the Swedish brand Excel Arigato.

The brand was founded in 2014 by Max Sverda and Albin Johansson. He is known for his successful sneakers, which are considered a household name in the global fashion industry. The shoes have become in demand thanks to the innovative and aesthetic design, the use of carefully selected planet-conscious materials, and the meticulousness of production with skins that are a by-product of the meat industry.

The clothing collection is based on fine basics that complement the Swedish / Japanese philosophy behind the trend of minimalism (the word “arigato” in Japanese means “thank you”) and presents key items in a clean design with small twists that emphasize their presence in the fashion market. The designs draw cultural inspiration from the fields of music, art, and architecture.

The collection is sold on the FACTORY54.CO.IL website, in the street pop-up in the Sharona Tel Aviv complex, and in the Factory 54 stores in the TLV mall and the Golden Mall.

Price range for Men and Women: 89-2,290 NIS

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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