Sustainable Zen & Sashiko by Luiba

Liuba Bialion is a conscious mom of 3 and a sustainable fashion designer.

The emphasis of her brand is sustainablity, involving a lot of hand-sewing: Working with lux hand spun, handwoven, hand dyed materials, which she collects all around the world in her travels. Her work is an artistic upgrade of the fabrics and clothing that cross her path, which she graciously customizes and repairs. Turning these used pieces into something that becomes charmingly timeless

She’s teaching people to mend their clothes artfully. Her style is inspired mostly by Japanese culture – especially Zen, Boro, Sashiko, and her favorite fabric to use is anything dyed with indigo but she also loves a splash of color as it is very much about “Joie de vivre” for her.

Liuba traveled a lot, her way was to immerse herself in other cultures, stay long, connect and feel. One month was a minimum stay, and 3.5 years was her maximum stay in another country. She stayed for quite some time in Asia and Latin America. In her travels, she was always looking for similarities and was indeed finding them – many proofs of the unity of all people on earth. She always sees the evidence of that unity in textiles of different cultures, as she reads the language of the pattern on the textiles.

Liuba loves to combine fabrics from different cultures into one garment. In this collection, she has done some pieces using an international mix – handwoven ikat cotton from Laos and Uzbekistan, Japanese handwoven and hand-dyed fabrics, hemp from hill tribes of Thailand, cotton from hill tribes of India and European linen, and yes, they go really well together. The unique combination of the fabrics creates a feeling of universal tribe, freedom, security, and belonging. Each garment is created by her in a Peace of mind mode and charged with powerful energy. Each garment serves for the protection of the owner and each garment makes you feel a vast spectrum of emotions.

When asked why does she hand stitch, she says she does it for herself, because she enjoys a little bit of mindful stitching everyday. But whatever the real reason is, it’s definitely a way to put more good energy into clothes.

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Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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