IZIPIZI Summer 2022

Well, in the beginning, optical stores did not want to keep the brand’s glasses in the store, because they claimed the rate of profit on them compared to expensive glasses did not really pay off. So IZIPIZI left the optics stores and moved to their own concept stores, plus online stores. “The IZIPIZI brand comes at very reasonable prices. The designs are actually the winning combination of style at an attractive price so that they usually become addictive and those who buy them immediately run to buy another pair in more colors.

The new oversize line of IZIPIZI launches two new iconic shapes #M and #N that take the brand lovers to a new dimension.

The frame is made of a material that is biologically derived from castor oil, which makes them both light and strong – which offers guaranteed comfort for the new oversize line.

Gray Lens 100% UV Category 3.

The SETTE Lifestyle brand is their official importer here in Israel and can be purchased online or at the SETTE store at 56 Kadoshi Hashoa Street, Herzliya Pituach.

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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