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Now that FW is upon us and with the party season over and all the glitter and high heels tucked away (only temporarily) start your new season fresh with some great choices for practical footwear to help you relax.

Don’t restrict flats to casual affairs. for example, Crocs shoes have been sold in Israel for more than 15 years and over the years it has expanded its target audience more and more, no longer meant for teens and the unfashionable, by creating trendy designs. Today the brand appeals to almost all audiences, from glamourous fashionistas to children to comfortable shoes for the elderly.

The brand has created quite a few collaborations in recent years, among them with haute couture brands like Balenciaga, and the shoes have starred on fashion week runways around the world.

In Crocs’ newest collection you can find colorful designs in Tai Dai prints, platforms, vegan, and plenty of high environmental values. You can now safely say they have slowly been creeping up the trend charts. The same applies to the Blundstone boots, which have a reputation of being heavy and restrictive but have gone to much more stylish designs with a slip-on entry and thinner, lighter-weight materials. With this combination, Blundstone promises “outstanding comfort and durability” without sacrificing warmth or style.

Find out more at: www.weshoes.co.il

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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