Dan Lam

Through squishes, drips, and blobs, Texas artist, Dan Lam is full of expression in her bold and vivid sculptures. When Dan Lam graduated from college, she took on the challenge to transition from abstract 2D paintings to 3D sculptures. Clearly she made the right choice, because just five years later she formed a series of bright eye-catching ‘drippy sculptures’ that ooze off the edges of every surface materials used sit on. The duality between the liquid-like formations and the spikes covering them, creates the notion around the idea of attraction and repulsion for the viewer. Heavily intrigued by the process, Lam explores how untraditional materials react to one another. To create the multi-textural molds, she begins by covering a metal base with materials like polyurethane foam, then layering with resin and acrylic paint. All of which are covered in neon-hues, candy colors creating a series of textures seeming radioactive.

By Emily Weissenstein

Talia Haviv
Associate Producer
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