A collaborative project between Nathan Jurevicius & Ivonne Dippmann

Three mushrooms on the top shelf, 100 cinnamon sticks in a glass bowl, Kochen für junge Leute, die drei von der K, a black hand telling us “awesome”, Soda Fountain, 13 more glass bowls, a Panasonic microwave (we do not like microwaves), coffee anybody, German water, big red lips covered with coffee cups on silver hooks, drink like a fish, it is May, Galeries Lafayette, someone is printing, glass with water standing to my right, it is a holiday and Obama is in town.

A moonstone is covering my neck, two spoons of rosewater and aloe vera, I think you should tell him in person, there is something scratching under the puls, I would have liked to run on the beach with you, climbing mountains, showing you around the world, being confident, loving and fearless – we missed each other by a second, but at least we could shake hands for a little while…the three of us, on the way from Tel Aviv to Ashkelon by car, our parents sleeping next door, two pomegranates a day now, it was the last week of April.

A vinegar tree on the table, everyone is late, there was supposed to be sun all day Tuesday, a tantra feather combined with Diana von Fürstenberg, two empty chairs in the front row, rain at 8pm, a summer dress covered with birds, a yellow neon light in the back door, two bottles of tonic on the table, a silver bowl with field salad, a pink feather hanging down your shoulder, a bike standing under the window, coloured wool hidden behind glass plates, white bricks, popcorn, the cat was quiet until morning reversed, water melon with cheese, black plates, green paint, a wooden saw, apple cake, black romance.

© Ivonne Dippmann, Nathan Jurevicius & VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

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