Gravitate Featuring Josh Mayhem

Josh Mayhem Interview:

What would you say is the initial inspiration when starting a new project?

Usually it depends on the designer toy or sculpture that I want to add to my aesthetic. Based on that, I then come up with the “Blown Away” design that best accentuates the shape, and then I’ll decide on the color scheme.

How did you start working on your sculptures? What inspired you with those and how did you think to make these pieces that seemingly defy gravity?

This is a perfect example of how a commission can evolve into a completely new artistic direction. One of my collectors received a custom piece from another artist, but the resin clear coat on it didn’t quite cure correctly so he asked if he could commission me to fix it. At that time I had never worked with resin so I was unsure of whether or not I could, but I decided to give it a shot. As I poured the resin over the piece the idea of creating my own piece with multiple layers of resin and paint drips popped into my head. That idea eventually evolved into my “Acid Rain” series of Munnys and Dunnys. When I was asked to participate in a Clutter Gallery Custom Group Show I wanted to take that idea to the next level, and the first “Blown Away” piece was born.  

What is synthetic resin?

It is a 2-part clear epoxy that cures on its own after the parts have been mixed together.

How do you create those sculptures?

I use either designer toys or sculptures that have been pre-fabricated and add my own aesthetic by fabricating the drips, then complete the process by adding multiple layers of acrylic paint and resin.

What was inspiration for the “gravitate” series specifically?

After creating my first series of Blown Away custom toys I noticed that the paint drips caught on my drop cloth created these beautiful patterns. I replaced the drop cloths with canvases and have been collecting the drips from all of my various sculpture projects onto them ever since.

Have you always been attracted to bright colors?

Yes I have. I think they’re visually appealing, and they make the work “pop” considerably.

When did you start making this specific type of art – i.e. color drips on canvas

I’ve been collecting the drips from my sculpture projects onto canvases for about 2 1/2 years now. Besides 3 other canvases, the Gravitate solo exhibition was my first time displaying all of them as one series.

When did you know you wanted to become an artist? Art has always been a part of my life. I’ve been drawing and creating art since I was a young child. If you weren’t going to be an artist what did you want to do?

A musician. I like to play guitar, and DJ. Prior to becoming a full time artist I was a salesman for 16 years.

Josh pictured with his wife and two children at his Gravitate solo exhibit.

To see more of his work check him out at or his IG @joshmayhem1

By Jaqui Gutmann

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