Piera Bochner

By: Sophia Newman | Illustrations: Yael Berezdivin

Piera Bochner is an artist and designer based in Brooklyn, New York. This candle project was originally created for the designer’s love for the medium of wax and a fascination with wanting to discover how wax, wicks, and flames move down new and nontraditional paths.

The designer is inspired by pre-existing forms in nature and produce such as starfruit and romanesco broccoli, which is then sourced from produce stands in Chinatown, Union Square, and even supermarkets in Berlin. After sourced the produce is turned into a silicon mold which can later be filled with wax to make candles. Bochner likes to play with color and layer and fills these molds with various shades of melted wax after the previous shade has hardened and cooled thoroughly.

The infinite possibilities of color combinations with help of the flame once lit create boundless journeys for how the original candle will transform into its continuous melted sculpture piece.

IG: www.instagram.com/piboch

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
Sharon Esther
Creative Director
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