Tommy x Supervsn

Tommy Hilfiger launches a capsule collection In collaboration with the street brand from Los Angeles Supervsn Studios, inspired by the multicultural texture and fabric of the diverse communities that make up the United States. The collection will be sold in a limited and exclusive edition at FIVE POINT FOUR

The meeting between the Tommy Jeans line and the hot LA brand Supervsn, emphasizes the community origins of the two urban brands. Gavin Matthew, the founder and art director of Supervsn, founded the studio in 2019 as a unique collective that promotes ideas that grow out of underrepresented communities. The same vision also echoes designer Tommy Hilfiger’s holistic approach to fashion – as a space that represents people from all walks of life who come together to enjoy fashion itself alongside art, music, and entertainment.

“I established my brand as a place that welcomes everyone,” said Tommy Hilfiger in reference to the intriguing collaboration, “Supervsn gives me great hope for the future, through diverse creativity. We are proud to launch a collection fueled by our community and determined optimism.”

The collection presents “Americana” as a new embroidery that celebrates how communities come together to shape culture. The concept reflects a hopeful vision for the US and a call to creatives to shape the world they want to see. Under an agenda to promote young American creators, the collaboration celebrates the next generation’s creativity.

“Tommy x Supervsn” is a collection of American multiculturalism,” adds Gavin Matthew, “a tribute to the people of color responsible for creating America, recognizing that the only way to make a difference is to work together with creative visions in harmonious ways.”

The collection has 9 unisex designs in an oversized look, including t-shirts, sweatshirts and surf shorts, presenting a sunny mosaic that reflects the state of mind of L.A. Faded shades of green, brown, orange, beige, yellow and white are presented in an aesthetic that radiates relaxed optimism. The items are emblazoned with a print of the cooperation flag, symbolizing the new America with the help of a combination of paisley in a geometric mix with the colors of the US flag. Some items also include and camouflage prints.

The collection is intended for men and women and will be sold exclusively at FIVE POINT FOUR. This is the first time that Tommy Hilfiger comes to the concept store in the Sharona complex. The celebratory launch is part of a series of additional capsules that will arrive soon.

Price range: NIS 339-949

David Elazar 27, Sharona Tel Aviv complex

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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