Claudia Schiffer’s new collection of dinnerware from Bordallo Pinheiro

Portuguese tableware company Bordallo Pinheiro presents its latest collection in collaboration with global fashion icon, Claudia Schiffer. (Carousel Image Credit: APR – BORDALLO PINHEIRO – Cloudy Butterflies by Claudia Schiffer)

Claudia Schiffer’s ability to work with a diverse range of fashion and beauty brands speaks to her enduring influence and versatility in the industry. She recently teamed up with ‘Bordallo Pinheiro’ for a new dinnerware collection, following the success of the first “Cloudy Butterflies” collection launched in January 2020.

After falling in love with the Clouds by Andreas Gursky and Damian Hirst’s Kaleidoscope Butterflies, Schiffer knew how she wanted her collection to look and how to set the tone for a new and refreshing way to present dinnerware at the table. And lucky for us, all the pieces are not only easy on the eye but also microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Drawing inspiration from the serene landscapes of the English countryside surrounding her home and the picturesque fields near her upbringing along the Rhein in Germany, this innovative collection presents a captivating array of tableware pieces adorned with intricate butterflies in a rich spectrum of earthy hues. From warm cinnamon tones to the inviting shades of tortilla and tawny, the color palette evokes a naturalistic charm that resonates seamlessly with the detailed, figurative design approach.

Beyond capturing the inherent grace and elegance of butterfly forms, the collection effortlessly captures Claudia Schiffer’s profound appreciation for the enchantment found in nature. This harmonious blend of a new, organic color scheme and the distinctive design style engenders a sense of wonder, echoing Schiffer’s own sentiment towards the magical allure of the world around us.

Understandably, many brands want to work with Claudia Schiffer for a variety of reasons, many of which are attributed to her remarkable career that spans more than 30 years. Her appeal lies in her combination of beauty, professionalism, experience, and cultural significance. We approached her with a few questions to better understand her inspiration behind the newest designs.

Q: You’ve stated in the past that you love animals. At home you have Rocky, a German Shepherd; Flash, a black spaniel; and Frank, a rescue spaniel mix. You also have cats, tortoises, pigs, swans, ducks, geese, and chickens. So, what made you choose butterflies as an inspiration for this collection? Do they have a special meaning to you?

Claudia: I try to prioritize health, happiness and wellness, which I find by being with my family and close to nature, so it’s no accident that my designs always reference the natural world. And I have always liked the idea of transformation, which the butterfly symbolizes for me. I know something about it, having been a shy teenager who suddenly found herself on runways, tv shows and billboards around the world. Butterflies are innately elegant, adapting and evolving.

Q: You have had many successful collaborations in recent years, including a shoe collection with Aquazzura, a 90’s inspired, capsule collection with SUPER RÉAL, and now a stunning cream tableware pieces for Bordallo Pinheiro. Can you please walk us through your design process?

Claudia: I’m really enjoying the different avenues my career has taken and designing just felt like a natural next step. The first collection of decorative items did so well it made sense to move into dinnerware to extend the range and develop the butterfly designs further. I wanted to keep the playful edge, like the unusual butterfly-shaped side plates but bring in more warm colours. I’m drawn to earthy, soft browns and green tones and I always design pieces that I use myself. The entertaining we do as a family is relaxed, so I wanted to keep that feeling in this collection. It’s important to me that guests at our dinner table feel welcome and at home, so natural materials and warm colours really convey that. We also introduced new items like a pitcher jug, mugs and bowl for lunch or breakfast.

One of Schiffer’s remarkable attributes was her versatility as a model. When we were asked how to define the word ‘Supermodel’, the answer was rather simple, and only included one word; CLAUDIA. She successfully transitioned back and forth from Karl Lagerfeld’s ultimate muse for CHANEL to commercial modeling, appearing in campaigns for brands like Guess, Revlon, and Pepsi, which broadened her appeal to a wider audience, solidifying her status as a global fashion icon, and at one point in the early ’90s, the highest paid supermodel in the world.

Throughout her career, Schiffer has maintained a reputation for professionalism and dedication. Her work ethic and commitment to her craft make her an attractive collaborator for brands looking for reliable and hardworking partners, with an appeal that spans generations. Schiffer’s influence goes beyond the fashion world, which makes her stand out even amongst her fellow 90’s supermodels, Linda, Cindy, Christy, and Naomi, who were known together as the “Top Five”. During these memorable golden years of fashion, she outshone her colleagues in the close-knit clan of 90s supermodels, by becoming the number one sought-after model of her time. Schiffer was the first to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in May 1990, despite the magazine’s strict policy of never featuring a model on its cover. The magazine later issued a statement explaining their decision, saying “There are models, there are supermodels, and there’s Claudia Schiffer.”

Claudia enjoyed a remarkably long and enduring career in an industry known for its transience. Born 25 August 1970 she will soon enjoy another birthday while maintaining her status as the most celebrated supermodel of the 90s, with a signature look often described as Bardot meets Barbie meets Grace Kelly. It’s worth mentioning that her partnership with ‘Guess Jeans’ photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth, not only helped boost the brand’s popularity but her images from these campaigns are often considered some of the most memorable in the history of fashion advertising.

Schiffer’s impact on the fashion industry is lasting. Her distinctive timeless beauty left an indelible mark on the modeling world. Her work contributed to shaping the image of the ‘Supermodels phenomenon’, and her enduring presence, versatility, photogenic skills, and ability to influence trends and brands undoubtedly make her one of the most prominent icons in fashion history.

“Cloudy Butterflies” by Claudia Schiffer for Bordallo Pinheiro is available in-store and online including at Prices range from 30 euros to 130 euros.

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