By: Christian Sundberg

All things are connected: you, me, the seat you are sitting in, the sky outside, the screen or page you are looking at right now, and even the thoughts of the person next to you are all connected to each other. All things are connected because at their deepest root, all things are Source. There are no exceptions. “Source,” or “God,” is just a word– but truly it is beyond any name and definition, because all form itself exists within it. Source is conscious and alive, the great and loving I Am- and you and I are part of that, precious individuations of The One. We are forever a part of its Light, even as we exercise our individuation through experiences of separation. And there are few places in Creation where separation can be more starkly experienced than right here on Earth.

The world we live in is a real experience of the illusion of separation. We are not actually separate. But we have adopted the illusion of separation for purposes that are often beyond our human understanding. We have committed to all the definition that goes along with the human condition: we have committed to being biological, temporally constrained (bound to time), and subject to the laws of physics and discreet location (distance). None of those things are fundamental. Distance is not fundamental, linear time is not fundamental, biology is not fundamental. What is fundamental is our awareness, our spirit, our living consciousness itself! Because consciousness is a part of every experience everywhere, and because we are consciousness, we are connected to every single other thing in all of Creation!

But the multiverse of form is not “perfect.” We as spirits, who seek to engage in the integration of experience and to participate in all that is occurring, are not necessarily “optimized” for any given context or set of constraints. In all the many varied experiences we find ourselves, no matter the reality system or lifetime, there is one “primary action” that remains constant: our intent. We always have the power to choose things, in accordance with the “rules” and context of whatever reality we are participating in. The decisions available to us may change drastically depending on a myriad of factors, but always the action of consciousness itself to choose something remains.

When intent operates in a way that is supportive of the whole, and is in alignment with the unity that exists at the foundation of all things, we call that love. When intent operates in a way that is divisive, or promotes the illusion of separation by prioritizing the self over others, we call that fear. Every intent exercised in our world is either a movement towards a more integrated, expansive, and mutually supporting state of manifestation (one that is more in alignment with our native fundamental unity); or away from it.

This is why love and fear are the two great themes in spirituality. Love reflects the power and perfect unity of our true nature; fear reflects the incomplete, non-fundamental, and ultimately powerless illusion of separation. Loving intent supports the other, and is unity-promoting; fearful intent supports the illusory separate self, and is separation-promoting. Since separation is not fundamental, and not reflective of what we truly are, we suffer when we act from fear. Our experience on Earth currently includes a great churning cacophony of suffering because as a whole, most of us exercise fearful intent, rather than loving intent, every day.

Exercising loving intent is about honestly choosing what is best for the being next to you, and best for the world. Exercising loving intent is about, among a great many other things: being willing to act on the behalf of another even when it is difficult, being willing to actually feel the pain of being wrong, being willing to feel the humility of being imperfect, and being willing to face the fear of not knowing all the answers, or even not having much physical power at all. The true playing field for this great endeavor is not primarily out in the objects of the world- it is within yourself! The true playing field for this great endeavor is in your heart and mind. Some of the most important work you will ever do will be in the quiet moments of your heart. That is where the truly meaningful actions of Creation are occurring- and you are an incredibly important part of that process!

You have the power to choose! Your heart and spirit will always speak to you: if you are willing to relinquish the stories of the ego, you will always be guided as to where love is leading. You can be brave, for you are a powerful part of the Source of All Things. What will you choose then in this powerful moment, now?

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Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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