The timeless style of Alembika

When Hagar Alembik talks about the unveiling of her upcoming 2024 Winter collection, her eyes sparkle and you can see how much she loves fabrics, textures, and colors. Sometimes she looks like a little girl left in a sweet shop, moving from hanger to hanger, touching, tasting, and trying. This love of hers is contagious – female journalists in her presentations always dress in her clothes and look almost as happy as she is.

The collection she presented to her international buyers is not yet available in stores but we can tell you it is mainly a celebration of textures, colors, prints, and cuts: wide dresses with various bold prints, colorful jackets made of processed wool, knitted coats with wide lapels, long colorful tunics, furry vests, and many more goodies.

It seems that if Alembik once had an obsession with overly prominent pockets that further burdened the already loaded clothes, this time the mess is more organized, and it revolves around colors and the connection between textures and cuts (wide versus narrow, long and short). For those infected with this love, Alembik offers a variety of items, expressing a holistic perception of clothes for the day and evening, the kind that connects to countless possibilities.

Alembik does what she does away from the focus of contemporary fashion and it turns out in her favor. the right connection between contrasting textures, the use of exciting textiles together with large and relaxed oversized cuts – these seem like the perfect wardrobe for winter 2024, and we simply cannot wait.

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
Sharon Esther
Creative Director
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