The Graduate Exhibitions in ‘Shenkar’

The Holy Trinity – Design, Technology, and AI

Carusel Credit: Omer radar, Deborah hanouna, Daniell Evenstein, Naama amir (Ph: Shai Franco)

The synergy between creativity, artificial intelligence (AI), liberalism, and democracy can shape our future. Will we be able to create momentum into the intriguing unknown, empowering individuals and cultivating a more inclusive and prosperous society?

The year 2023 was characterized by the entry of a revolutionary technology that affects most of the areas in our lives, as well as academia. In “Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art“, the connection between the engineering professions and the design professions is the essence of its work, and with the breakthrough of image generators such as Midjourney and DALL-E, and of artificial intelligence of the GPT chat type, available to every user, the affinity between the worlds became even closer.

Design, technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) mutually influence each other, therefore, also the industry and the labor market. This year Shenkar took on the task of exploring the connection in depth, and discovered together, faculty and students, that the new technology, alongside the traditional practice, provides designers with new tools and resources that allow them to dream, create, invent and realize original, ambitious and complex ideas. All of these were an incentive for adopting artificial intelligence tools into the curricula of the various departments.

2023 was also the year in which we were called to stand guard for the values that are most important to us, which until now may have been taken for granted – democracy and equality. These values provide the necessary framework for cultivating creativity and free thought.

The corridors of Shankar were filled with innovative and fascinating projects from the fields of engineering, design, and art. The topics that the recent graduates dealt with are many and varied. They touch on the fields of future technology, environmental development and social responsibility, ask questions about identity, go back to the sources and imagine tomorrow.

Through guided tours, content events and meetings, the audience will get a close look at the fascinating processes and unique final works of the new generation of Shenkar’s entrepreneurs, engineers, creators and artists.

Anna Frank 12 Ramat-Gan, Israel

Selected works from the exhibition:

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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