The fashionable sports giant joins the Spanish fashion brand and launches a limited edition capsule collection. Puma’s design heritage meets Palomo’s unique style, with some retro inspiration

PUMA and Palomo Spain have announced the commencement of surf season with their latest collaborative effort. This marks their second partnership, blending the essence of ’60s and ’70s surf culture with a contemporary twist.

Inspired by the laid-back vibe of those decades, the collection introduces a range of gender-neutral attire, awash in hues reminiscent of the sea: ocean blue, coral, and bubblegum pink. Mesh tops adorned with kaleidoscopic motifs mingle with lavender jackets and pastel green knitted pieces. Wide-legged trousers make a statement alongside vibrantly printed T-shirts, exuding warmth and sunshine.

Accessories play a pivotal role, with bucket hats and fanny packs injecting a sense of joy into the lineup. Grounding the collection are the Slipstream sneakers, revamped in two variations: spearmint and light pink. The former features suede laces, while the latter opts for hook-and-loop straps, ensuring both style and comfort.

With prices ranging from $45 to $225, the PUMA x Palomo Spain collection is now available for purchase on both PUMA’s and Palomo Spain’s online platforms.

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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