Pandora’s Garden collection Spring 2021

Pandora Jewelry launches the Spring 2021 collection, the season in which you begin to feel the rays of the spring sun and a refreshing breeze of renewal brings us the new Garden collection.

The Garden collection presents the return of the spring. A collection that gives us hope and reminds us of the wonders of nature. The new collection revealed the purple daisy charms, which are suitable for combining with your favorite bracelet or necklace.

Capture the magic, mystery, and hope of spring, with a variety of floral motifs and symbols full of energy from sterling silver, Pandora Rose, and combinations of 14K gold that celebrate the flowering season and spring in style. furthermore, this collection offers Royal Flower Stud Earrings with 14K Gold Combination, Silver Flower Necklace and Royal Key with 14K Gold Combination, Silver Pendant Wedding Rings with 14K Gold Combination, and a Silver torque with 14K gold barrel bracket.

Price range: Charms starting at 139 NIS, bracelets 285 NIS, earrings 189 NIS, necklaces 335 NIS, rings 139 NIS

Available at the online store:

In the PANDORA chain of stores, in the JACKIE-O chain, and in the best jewelry stores.

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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