Magnolia | Spring 2021 collection

Magnolia is launching a trendy and festive collection for spring 2021, that will bounce your look on the eve of the holiday (Passover) and make you feel beautiful and glamorous.

The collection is handmade and corresponds with the prominent trends of the period. The collection is made of bras in gold plating and includes statement earrings and stud earrings in various designs, vertebral necklaces influenced by street fashion, chokers inlaid with crystal stones in seasonal colors, necklaces with rounded pendants, large bracelets, and delicate bracelets in various designs and cool seal rings.

The combination of the basic raw materials and the latest design can suit any woman and any style and create the perfect look for the holiday.

Price range: 89-349 NIS

Available at the Magnolia chain of stores and on the website:

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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