PUMA is launching a flagship store in Tel Aviv

The fashionable sports giant PUMA is launching the first flagship store of its kind in the Tel Aviv Port (FACTORY 54) which covers 900 square meters and two floors and is considered one of the 3 most luxurious and invested flagship stores of the brand in the world and offers a unique shopping experience never seen in Israel.

The collection presents exclusive collections that have not yet been seen in Israel, along with promising collaborations and limited-edition items designed by Neymar, JZ, Cara Delevingne, and more. The vast space contains all of Puma’s content worlds and includes the prestigious SELECT department featuring exclusive collections alongside limited-edition collaborations.

Here are Puma’s special collaborations for 2021:

SELECT – Puma’s prestigious fashion line, featuring collaborations with top brands and groundbreaking artists, featuring exclusive collections that include limited edition items that are expected to be considered collectibles in the future. This season the main collaborations will be with the New York brand “KidSuper” which has been marked as one of the most promising names in the street scene and with the French designer duo MAISON KITSUNE which is influenced by Japanese street culture and presents surprising cuts in super-fashionable models.

PUMA HOOPS – The sought-after line is led by Jay-Z and J. Cole, one of the most beloved and great rappers in the world today, with both having an affinity and direct connection with the basketball world.

NEYMAR x PUMA – In 2020, the Puma brand surprised the world again when it signed Brazilian super-footballer Neymar in the most expensive football player deal in history – for an estimated $ 30 million per season. He became the face of the revolutionary FUTURE Z football shoe model that includes new technology that adapts the shoe specifically to the foot. The shoes are specially built for attacking players with absolute control of the ball, and they are of course sold at Puma Israel as part of Neymar’s unique collection.

SELENA GOMEZ x PUMA – Prominent Ambassador is the American star Selena Gomez, one of the most beloved characters today.

EXHALE – A collection designed by Cara Delevingne, which includes the use of recycled materials and details inspired by the tattoos of the beloved supermodel. Suitable for yoga enthusiasts but not only, and will definitely upgrade our training routine in style.

INTL GAMES – A colorful and popular collection inspired by the major sports competitions in the world and featuring flagship elements from all countries of the world, for fans of the genre.

The brand collection will be sold in the PUMA flagship store in Tel Aviv port, the flagship store in Rishon Lezion Golden Mall, Factory 54 stores, and on the website: www.factory54.co.il

price range:
Shoes: 399-749 NIS
PRIME: 99-600 NIS
SELECT: 200-1190 ₪

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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