Small symbols for big dreams.

Pandora Jewelry launches a powerful collection of symbols, which celebrates our story and is a small landmark for big moments, which paved the way for us to fulfill our dreams. The collection is inspired by symbols that constitute important meanings. Not just in terms of their meaning or the emotion they create, but the ability to positively change our overall mood.

The collection includes a variety of jewelry with inlay stones with a special and high-quality finish. The new collection allows you to tell the story of everybody’s way to self-love and symbolizes prominent, small and large moments that will accompany you in the next story as well.

In the collection, you can find a variety of jewelry in new designs that allow everyone to choose the jewelry that is most meaningful to them.

Available at the online store:

+ In the PANDORA chain of stores, in the JACKIE-O chain, and in the best jewelry stores.

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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