Nicole McLaughlin

By: Sophia Newman | Illustrations: Yael Berezdivin | Creative Direction: Sharon Esther

With growing awareness of the pressing issues of how consumerism is polluting the planet, many young creatives have taken it upon themselves to fight waste in whatever way they can. Up-and-coming New York designer Nicole McLaughlin is no exception. The young designer has combined upcycling and fashion in ways that dance on the lines of the avant-garde.

Nicole has turned tennis balls into a beanie, toothpaste into slides, and fans into a bralette. Her unusual combinations showcase how endless the possibilities of reusing materials are. Another main focus of her work is hosting workshops. Which enables her to be able to connect with people sustainably and creatively. Nicole is also currently in the works of creating a nonprofit that gives imperative design resources to young artists by connecting large companies with overstock materials to schools and universities that need it.

Nicole is changing the way we view recycling and helping the community in more ways than one, she is most definitely an innovative force to be reckoned with.


Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
Sharon Esther
Creative Director
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