Most Stylish Winter Coats for W22-23

  • Above: Winter Coats selection by CASTRO (Ph: Dudi Hasson)

When the weather turns chilly at night and frost appears in the morning, it’s time to ensure that we have the right wardrobe to meet winter’s challenges head-on.

There are many styles of winter coats to choose from – whether you want a sleek, retro-influenced design, something stuffed with cozy lining, or something a bit more glamorous for the season’s parties. Every year, different styles slip in and out of fashion, but what will 2023’s iconic coats be?

So winter is nearly here and it’s already ruining our lives and hair. But there is one way in which winter doesn’t totally suck: the clothes. Winter is all about layering up your existing wardrobe in creative and stylish ways, but it also offers an excuse to splurge on a handful of new-season pieces.

Outerwear is your first priority for purely practical purposes, but anyone with even a passing interest in fashion knows that statement jackets and coats have the power to completely transform your wardrobe.

Here, we round up the styles worth knowing about for the 22-23 winter:

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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