Miranda Makaroff

I believe that our current society has made it nearly impossible to individualize your personal style. With new trends constantly being thrown in our face it is getting harder and harder to stand out.

You would think that in a time where tolerance is trendy, and people are accepting of difference, more diversity would ensue in the way people chose to dress. Be that as it may, “different” is trendy and, whether they admit it or not, everybody wants to be on trend. Very few people have been able to master the art of being “different” without being the same type of “different” as everybody else. Ironic right? Having said that, I believe Miranda Makaroff  is an exception to this new-age rule.

Photo by https://www.instagram.com/davidgomezmaestre/

With her beautifully curated and color filled instagram, this influencer exhibits a truly personalized look. Her style is a harmonious balance of mainstream fit juxtaposed with adventurous patterns and pairing choices.


Miranda’s look somehow works to make her highly unique while still maintaining a style that people will want to emulate; her outfits are eccentric but highly desirable non the less. For some inspiration on how to get off the beat and path, check out Miranda Makaroffs Instagram to remind you that its possible to look good without looking like everybody else.

photo by https://www.instagram.com/albertosaguar/


By Jaqui Gutman

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