If your body consistently lacks energy, is not responding to dieting, and you find yourself consistently dealing with indigestion, your body is most likely in serious need of a detox. Dr. Saker’s wellness clinic provides a wonderful detoxification program which is a mix of colon-hydrotherapy (removing toxins and waste from the colon), natural supplements, as well as a detailed guide of proper nutrition, which all ultimately lead to a safe and natural detoxfication process. Besides the internal treatment provided professionals at the clinic recommend that during the detoxification process you avoid substances considered “toxic” for the body. These include: caffeine, alcohol, corn, gluten, peanuts, and refined fat like butter, soy and various sugars.

In addition to the aformentioned guidelines and treatments, the clinic also recommends physical activity such as yoga and aerobics as a way to calm the nervous system. It is said that practicing yoga 20 minutes a day helps to massage the internal organs and allow blood cells to receive the needed amount of oxygen. Aerobic exercise is also incredibly important because it helps with bowel movements and stimulates the circulatory system.

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Interviewed by Jaqui Gutman
Sharon Esther
Creative Director
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