HOFF SS 2024

The HOFF sneaker brand is considered one of the fastest-growing sneaker brands in Spain and is breaking into world markets with the hottest trends adapted to the latest designs in the world of sneakers for women and men.

HOFF presents the Spring Summer 2024 collection in a special and bold color with machine-woven and handmade items. The collection will present new cuts of heeled sandals, flat sandals, leather sandals, and ropes in bold and desirable colors alongside simple designs designed to be a “second skin”, light, soft, and flexible. In the new spring-summer 2024 season we will see sneakers that combine spring and summer colors, the shades of stone and cream are combined with oranges, pinks, greens, and yellows. Combinations of pastel summer shades, colorful touches of mint, yellow, greens, and light blue. For a great season with sneakers that give the stylish touch to every look from morning to night.

In addition to the new designs, classic and timeless designs will be shown in temporary cuts such as “Bird” or “Dynamic” which continue for another season with sophisticated and light materials, such as mesh and reflective materials.

Among the well-known sneakers of the brand, sneakers that combine metallic colors stand out, and during the spring-summer 2024 season, we will see more limited editions that will refresh the fashionable look with new trends.

To create a complete look, HOFF also offers a careful collection of clothing items that continue the colorful designs of the brand’s shoes. Jeans, T-shirts with logos, and sets of skirts and tops or pants and shirts with original prints that complete the catalog of the brand.

HOFF price range:

Sneakers: NIS 429-639

Bags: Bags range from NIS 359-679

Wallets: NIS 149-269

Fashion collection: NIS 145-410

Available at the brand stores in Azrieli Tel Aviv, Grand Mall Haifa

and on the website: www.thehoffbrand.co.il

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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