Celest Mountjoy

Celest is the curator and creator of the Instagram @filthyratbag, which features extremely raunchy and comical prints of highly relatable human occurrences. Her work is funny, refreshing and filled with snippets of daily interactions that, I think we can all agree, everyone has experienced at some point in their life. Her design style is a mixture of seemingly basic sketches that are then filled in using solid primary colors and sometimes animal prints. However, basic as they may appear, her messages are intricate and highly thought out. If you need a good laugh or simple reminder that we all deal with awkward interactions and quirky happenings, @filthyratbag is the perfect account to follow.

To see more of Celest’s art work or purchase prints: www.filthyratbag.bigcartel.com

By Jaqui Gutman

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