Factory 54 and legendary musician Rita in honor of Women’s Day

Rita wears items from the Spring 2024 collections of the leading fashion houses DOLCE & GABBANA, VALENTINO, SAINT LAURENT, BOTTEGA VENETA, and FERRAGAMO. In honor of the project, Rita created a special category on the Factory 54 website, with the looks from this production, her favorite items, and items inspired by her great style moments

Rita, whose timeless songs accompany and empower women from the beginning of her journey until today, shares her journey through songs. After a series of masterpiece albums, successful tours, extraordinary collaborations, a leading role in a TV series and two books – she does not stop for a moment.

“When they ask me, ‘How do you reinvent yourself every time?’, I answer that it’s not reinventing yourself, but finding yourself,” Rita says in an interview. “Each time you are in a different place, with different experiences in your life. It is very important not to think how the audience would like to see you now, but how you would like to see yourself”.

Rita celebrates Women’s Day this year in a slightly different atmosphere. “Much like the whole country, my heart is quite broken to pieces.” The beloved musician and actress has been busy volunteering and helping wherever possible since 7.10 and together with journalist Dana Weiss, she led an event on behalf of Factory 54 – a discourse on the subject of war, which dealt with the female aspect on all its levels. All proceeds from the event were donated to “Babies of Life”, a project that provides food and aid to hungry babies.

As part of the event and the donation, a fashion production was filmed that radiates female empowerment. In this photo series, you’ll find feminine silhouettes, soft romance, tight cuts and elements of lace, cashmere and feathers, and on the other hand three-piece suits with a tailored look and accessories with gangster elements. The clothing sets illustrate the endless range of characters that Rita plays with great talent as an actress and prove how Rita is the one who makes the clothes and not the other way around. The production was inspired by the Italian actress Monica Bellucci and also by images from the iconic film “The Godfather”.

“I truly and sincerely believe that when we are connected to our motherly and compassionate place, we are the ones who can ultimately, in our lack of ego, bring peace to the world.”

The full interview and the special category dedicated to Rita – Now on the website FACTORY54.CO.IL

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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