French artist, Corine made a breakthrough in her album Fille De Ta Région. The album is built around “Porquoi Porquoi,” an electronic homage to disco with an amazing music video to accompany it. Despite Fille de Te Région’s short nature, every track is like another spin around the roller disco, or like listening to a better version of Saturday Night Fever.

Corine, with her 70s glam disco queen appearance, makes for an iconic figure in the music scene. Her style matches her music with a mix of a kind of Lolita-leading blend of modern electronic dance music, disco, and a minor influence from the smokier ye-ye music of the French 60s.

If you like to go clubbing, grew up with a disco ball in regular attendance or, have a nostalgia for all music passed, then Fille de Te Région is a must to add to your collection to listen to while preparing for your night out. A slightly modified version of “Porquoi Porquoi” with the vocals sung in Italian was released in July of 2017.

By Aaron White
Photography by Brian Magazine

Aaron White
Music Editor LA
Sharon Esther
Creative Director
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