CASTRO dresses the Israeli delegation for the Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020

Castro, one of the leading fashion companies in Israel, presents the uniform of the Israeli team for the Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020, designed by Castro’s Israeli fashion designers for the seventh time!

On the occasion of the 32nd Olympic Summer Games to be held this coming July in Tokyo, Japan, Castro’s designers designed the official clothing sets of the members of the Olympic delegation. The attire systems will be used by the 170 members of the delegation: the athletes, the staff, and the management, at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games as well as, at all the official events and ceremonies as part of the Olympic Games events. The design of the clothing and apparel systems of the Olympic delegation has been made in full contribution for the seventh time in a row since 1996.

Ron Rotter, CEO of the Castro Group said today: “We are proud to continue the tradition in which Israel’s leading fashion company supports the design and apparel of members of the Israeli delegation to the Olympic Games, with our full support of the Israel Olympic Committee. We see great importance in supporting athletes representing the country. As the leading fashion house in Israel, we are proud to combine our abilities with the best athletes in Israel, when we all create and act out of Israeli pride, the desire to excel and succeed.”

Noy Dror, head of Castro’s design studio, said about the costume design: The athletes’ costumes were inspired by the colors of the Israeli flag and the shapes of the Star of David. The lines of the Star of David were interpreted into contours at sharp angles reminiscent of the shapes of the symbol as an abstract shape. The end result creates a sophisticated look with a clear connection to fashionable Israeliness.

The items include classic and long chinos, a printed t-shirt, and a transparent jacket made of printed nylon combined with textiles from the world of sports.

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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