Azrieli Mall TLV presents | “Bikini from another angle”

Yoni Safri, a fashion photographer, and Helena Lapid Seidler, a high fashion designer, decided to create something inspiring during the Covid-19 period. The connection between the two was created from the understanding that their artistic vision parallels in many ways, and they are both free-thinkers, so they have decided to collaborate and create a social project to raise awareness, and present a different facet to some familiar figures in the local media industry.

The exhibition will feature about 25 images of five strong and inspiring women – Ira Dolphin, Aviva Avidan, Talleen Abu Hanna, Nava Boker, and Galit Koka. The exhibition will launch this evening (Wednesday, 16.06.21) at the Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv.

These five inspiring women joined the project with a statement and a shared vision to show the power that exists behind strong confident women. The story of the lives of each of the 5 women who are a personal example of female empowerment for success, is presented in one image with a powerful message. Lapid designed a swimsuit for each of them that matches the spirit of the exhibition and Yoni captured the nature of each woman, and together they managed to create breathtaking photos that express the strength of the women taking part in the project.

Helena Lapid Seidler: “As a swimwear designer, I want to say that design is first and foremost an art, there is no greater satisfaction than expressing my art to convey a message of empowerment and success.”

Yoni Safri: “For me this project is a closing circle of creativity and social giving”

The exhibit will be held on the 3rd floor of Azrieli mall TLV until 1.7 | free admission.

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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