Artist Haran Kislev in collaboration with Factory 54

Factory 54 is launching a special edition of notebooks in collaboration with artist Haran Kislev.

Factory 54 is launching a special edition of notebooks in collaboration with artist Haran Kislev. The notebooks were printed at the Kibbutz Be’eri printing house and will be sold in stores and on the Factory 54 website. Profits from their sale will be donated to the rehabilitation of the kibbutz, one of the communities decimated by Hamas terrorists who infiltrated Israel on October 7th.

Haran Kislev (38), is the winner of the cultural award for a young artist for 2018 on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and a member of Kibbutz Be’eri. His work presents the Be’eri landscape through abstract images and on the border of formality, which presents the physical landscape as he remembers it, experiences it now, and as he would like it to be. Haran presented solo exhibitions and participated in many collective exhibitions in Israel. His works were purchased by the best collectors and museums in Israel.

The special edition printed by the Be’eri printing house presents a new work by Haran depicting the landscape, the background of the sky, the kibbutz lawns, the eucalyptus trees, and the red forest antlers that were planted by the founders of the kibbutz, to whom Haran is the third generation. The varied interpretations of the work and its colors, such as bright red alongside bright colors, express a vivid memory of the grief of the October 7th Hamas massacre on Shabbat, along with recognition of the beauty of the kibbutz and sincere hope for its future.

Haran Kislev: “We as a family, as a community, and as a people still have a long way to go to the long-awaited restoration and I have no doubt that this is not the end of our story. Thanks to the goodness and kindness we were met with, we will be able to rise up, build, pick up the pieces, and be filled with new hope for revival. Writing is a form of therapy and I would like the notebook to give everyone a place to vent their difficulties, thoughts, dreams, and hopes.”

Yifat Irani: “As a fashion group, Factory 54 sees a direct connection between the world of fashion and art and culture. The company emphasizes supporting local creativity and the community, in projects in a variety of fields from the worlds of cinema, music, literature, dance, and more.”

“Haran’s works touch us all, sensitively and intelligently. Haran touches the landscapes of the Kibbutz and the beautiful south alongside the difficult moments and bereavement.”

The notebooks will be available in stores and on the FACTORY54.CO.IL website

Price: 49 NIS for notebook and postcard

On the site, they will be sold as a case of two notebooks for NIS 98

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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